A few words about me – my name is Maris Elsins, I’ve been working as an Apps DBA since 2005. I started as a PL/SQL developer on year 2002 but as time passed I felt it’s just not for me – I needed more action, more responsibility and more challenges. I liked understanding how and why things worked exactly the way they did and that’s the main reason I decided to become a DBA. Fortunately I was asked if I’d like to become Apps DBA by the interviewer on my first DBA’s job interview, I didn’t know what the beast e-Business Suite was at that time, but I agreed - and now I’m happy I did.

The initial thought why I created this blog was to make notes of the knowledge, scripts and different hints that I’ve developed during my work with Oracle e-Business Suite - that’s where the subtitle of the blog comes from - notes of an oracle apps dba. I’d like to think that the information I post is useful for other members of Apps DBAs community too, therefore I appreciate your comments on the posts - especially ones sharing your knowledge and experience or asking additional questions.

I’m an experienced Oracle Applications DBA currently working as Lead Database Consultant at The Pythian Group. My main areas of expertise are troubleshooting and performance tuning of Oracle Database and e-Business Suite systems. I’m a frequent speaker at Oracle related conferences such as UKOUG, Collaborate, HotSos, Oracle OpenWorld and others. I am an Oracle ACE, an Oracle Certified Master, and a coauthor of “Practical Oracle Database Appliance” (Apress, 2014)..