I’m glad to announce that there is a new blog dedicated to APPS DBA stuff (this one) and if it turns out to be useful for at least some of you I’ll count it as a success.

Just A few words about me - my name is Maris Elsins (Māris Elsiņš - if you like the national characters), I’ve been working as an APPS DBA for 3 years. I started as a PL/SQL developer 7 year ago but as time passed I felt it’s just not for me - I needed more action, more responsibility. I decided to become a DBA as I like to understand how and why things work exactly the way they do. I believed the DBA is the one who has to know the internals (at least more then a developer) and it turned out to be true for me. I didn’t want to become an apps dba at once but decided to try when this opportunity was offered during my 1st dba’s job interview.

Hope to see you soon reading my first posts ;)

Maris Elsins