Good news, I’m going to attend OOW2010 this year!

It was a hard work building my agenda, there’s about 1700 sessions to choose from, but thanks to Greg Rahn’s list of sessions presented by the members of OakTable network the task became a bit simpler. Reading through the list of presentation one is clear, there are two hot topics this year: Cloud computing and Exadata. I’ll be mostly attending sessions on performance tuning and internals of Oracle DB/RAC and Oracle e-Business Suite 11i/R12/Fusion technology stack related topics. Already now I know this is going to be an impressive event for me as I’ll get to see and hear many of the top recognised people in Oracle technology world.

I’ve also seen Tanel Poder is going to be there on Oracle Closed Word 2010, he admits it’s some kind of a underground secret event where talks about internals, kernel tracing, troubleshooting will go on. As that’s what’s really interesting to me, I’d like to be there too, so if anyone knows where it will take place and if no one minds me sitting in the corner enjoying my beer and asking questions about the topics being presented, please send me some details!